A PRO level sealed Freecoaster hub with Eclat CORTEX proven internals. Includes slack washers to adjust slack.

Replacement parts also available.

Material-alloy hub shell, crmo 14mm hollow axle

Size-14mm hollow axle

Spoke Holes-36h

Bearings-2 high quality bearing and bushing driver, high performance durable bearings in hub shell

Color-black, oilslick

Driver-9t, driver features x2 bearings and polymer bushing

Features-long-lasting smooth clutch style mechanism with large slack setting and unique x3 point friction system for easier crankflips
incl. x1 SALTPLUS “PRO” nylon rear guard & x1 SALTPLUS “PRO” nylon driver guard
adjustable slack (washers included)
available in RSD or LSD

Weight-671g (23.6oz