Frequently Asked Questions / Questions asked all the freaking time

Please read the FAQ before sending any questions by e-mail! This helps us to spend more time on questions that require more time, including your own.



All of our distributors will be happy to send you stickers out when you get in touch. Some will send them for free, some request sending either a self-addressed envelope, or perhaps some kind of money order for more. Talk to those guys, they’re there for you. Visit https://www.saltbmx.com/salt/distributors



If we think you’re team material, we’ll find you. You can try to e-mail us with sponsorship inquiries, but we cannot guarantee a reply.


Warranty Info

In the unlikely event that a problem with your quality product occurs, you should in the first instance speak with the shop/mail order where you purchased the item. They should know how to deal with the situation, and if not have the means to find out. The returned item will then be sent to the distributor for your country with a returns number so that we can track the item. If you want a second opinion or help along the way, just get in touch with us. Our main concern is making sure that you the rider are fairly dealt with and that we take all possible steps to resolve the problem.

Please have the following information ready when you e-mail Salt with warranty concerns

1. Your name
2. Your address
3. A contact number
4. Exact product you have a problem with + photo of product and problem
5. What the problem is
6. Which shop you bought it from and when
7. Have already discussed the problem with someone else? If not then please contact your local shop(where you bought it!) FIRST, if that has not worked out tell us more (e.g. which shop/distro)
8. Be a little bit patient. We are doing our best to make sure your delay is minimal.


Warranty Terms

Salt warrants the replacement of original components of products due to defects in material and/or workmanship according to the following conditions and limitations: Salt products are warrantied to the original purchaser for a period of 90 days. Labor and transportation charges are not included. This warranty is listed to the retail purchaser ONLY. Proof of purchase is required to validate protection under this limited warranty. Normal wear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance by other than an authorized dealer of parts or devices not consistent with the bike’s intended use, and is therefore not covered under this limited warranty. Bending consistent with abuse or punishment of any products is excluded in this warranty.

Claims must be made through an authorized dealer. For information regarding the nearest dealer, e-mail or call the distributor of your country but normaly this should be the dealer where you bought the stuff. If this isn’t possible, you can of course contact the distributor of your country, too.

This warranty is limited to replacing the defective part without charge and the company shall in no event be responsible for consequential or special damages. This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranties. Any implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness, shall be limited in duration to the duration of the express warranty set forth herein. The return of the warranty registration form within 30 days of purchase is a condition precedent to coverage as provided herein. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from country to country.

Although warranty is limited, customer satisfaction comes first. If any problems occur, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy you. As soon as you notice a problem, take immediate action. Do not delay the situation, for it will only lessen your chances on getting the problem taken care of.


What counts as a defect in materials and workmanship?

A defect in materials and workmanship is any problem with a product that should have been noticed by our skilled quality control inspection prior to shipping. If something bends or breaks it is not neccessarily such a defect, and all such defects need to be notified within the 90 days. Ideally such problems should be found before you begin to use the new product and if you do find something wrong get in touch straight away.


I have spoken with the shop where i bought my part and they said i should send the part to you direct?

This is not the case, and in the unlikely event that your local shop does not know how to deal with warranties they can contact our distributor direct and ask. A list of all distributors and contact information is on this site under ‘Distributors.’


Do I require a proof of purchase, what is that exactly?

Yes you will require proof of purchase. The original sales reciept or invoice is considered proof or purchase for warranty purposes. Without this information we cannot be certain that you’re the original owner and this can void your warranty.


Statement of Excellence

We at Salt are commited to designing and making the best bmx products available to riders. We use the best materials and manufacturing available to create quality products that are designed for bmx, designed to be ridden. We appreciate your business and are commited to keeping our riders happy.

If you still can’t find any help to your request, please contact us directly through: mail@saltbmx.com