Developed alongside the likes of WeThePeople and ÉclatSalt and Saltplus BMX parts have brought cutting edge technology and revolutionary design down to an affordable price point for over 10 years now.

In an industry where tastes and trends change so fast, Salt has always stayed one step ahead of the game, and our 2016 collection is a true reflection of what parts BMX riders want and need now, and in the year ahead. 

Saltplus receives a huge injection of exciting  with so many new products this year. Starting with our new HQ 4pc handlebar which measures up at 9” tall and uses butted and heat treated tubing throughout, the matching HQ fork now uses a shorter 28mm offset for all the technical street riders out there. The Stem range gets the upgrade of the new STC (Shark Tooth Clamping) system, including the new updated Centre V3 topload stem. Saltplus now has it’s very own grip. The appropriately named XL grip is 160mm long and uses a classic ribbed designed and the upgraded VEX compound, for a super comfortable and long lasting grip. If hard core street shredding is your thing you’re going to need a sprocket guard and the new Orion Sprocket Guard could be just the thing, fully CNC machine out of 6061-T6 alloy and ready for all you can throw at it. In addition to new parts, Saltplus now has it’s own extensive list of high quality tools and equipment. The new Mini pump, Floor pump and chain tool, allow you to fine tune your bike both on the road and in the workshop. 

With so many more exciting talking points, we’ll let you take a look through the 2016 Salt and Saltplus range yourself, we think you’re going to like what you see…