You may not know this, but Salt components are ‘The Best-Kept Secret in BMX’. Nothing is re-badged at Salt, nothing is chosen from a catalogue either, in fact, Salt is designed by the same team that runs and operates WETHEPEOPLE Bikes on a daily basis. With such a pedigree background you know that Salt parts are extremely hardwearing, innovative and manufactured to the absolute highest standards.

The number of bike companies using Salt components continues to grow, brands such as FELT, NS BIKES, WETHEPEOPLE, RADIO and BOMBTRACK. Such prestigious brands demand the best components and that is why every part we make is extensively tested by our team of riders. Only when we are completely satisfied with a product does it go into production. This method of working gives us absolute confidence that our parts will keep on going no matter how hard you ride.

Salt sees many updates for this year, with bars getting taller year by year, the majority of our stems now use Shark Tooth Clamping (STC). This is a special linear knurling that is machined into the stem and allows the stem to bite the bar with increased clamping power, preventing your bars from ever slipping. We felt the current offering of smaller pedals on the market was lacking the quality that we have always put our name behind, so we designed and opened our very own high strength nylon pedal, designed for younger shredders. The nylon and fibreglass body is perfectly scaled and in proportion, with raised pins and a knurled surface providing plenty of grip on this perfect little pedal. This year see’s the addition of the new EXPERT hubs, which use sealed bearings and slim hub-shells throughout and are also compatible with the new Saltplus PRO Nylon hub guards for smoother grinds.