Photos by Tim Dalhoff

Florian Felix Koch

22 (born in 1992)

Schwelm, Germany

Fast or chilled?
I definitely prefer chilled riding.

Big or tech?
Tech riding!

Grinds or Airs?
Most of the time I end up riding curbs and only do airs when it comes to riding skateparks.

Best place you have ever ridden?
Barcelona! I’ve been there this year for the first time and everybody knows this town is a cliché, but you have to know what you are talking about and when I came there it was really amazing. But every city I ride with my friends is a good place to be. It’s just about the good times!

Thank you for your support! Thanks to my parents for being the best and thanks to my friends for the nice time tripping around! Also thanks to Tim Dalhoff for the shots and thanks to my girlfriend for being uncomplicated and all-time patient.